Did you already listen to our NEW SONG? Tell us your favourite part and Jason has to play it with a gasmask on!


kingdom we reign
block 4 memorial
the core is boiling over
a held breath
of the lurking predator
the core is bleeding
no chance for healing
with every blowout
the zone got changed
recognize with pride
your fertile harvest
flourished biosynthesis
life cellimination
taste is a wish
usability is an illusion
nuclear badlands
destination hope
element fusion
cast into an endless abyss
in the reactor we are the same
we are the same
condemned to perish
we are the same
condemned to perish
we are condemned to perish
forced into patterns
converted new race
radiatus generis
radiatus generis
lifeless shell of dead cell membrane
adapted epidermis viscosity predominance
all beeings are connected to a common nucleus
hybrid unit follows the same instructions
lurch! cringe! moan and rot!
omnipresent conditions
choosing our own path
genotype bodyfog
mean machine converting life codes
escape from the borders
crawl in search for fulfillment
in a world of nothing where the system failed
all hope collapsed, block 4 is our home
radiatus generis
omnipresent conditions
radiatus generis
devoured by the fallout